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Out & About in St Peters & Highfields in Leicester

Out & About in St Peters Highfields Leicester Summer 2010

Why not check out our latest images produced from video of those 'Out & About' in our Highfields Leicester neighbourhood this summer 2010.

Photo of a litter bug - Litter lout taken by residents in Highfields St Peters LeicesterThis youth was observed by our Framland House Litter cam littering in St Peters Leicester. He was 30 feet from one litter bin and 40 feet from another.

Now we are intent on identifying him so we may get action taken against him.

Do you recognise him? If so please contact us and let us know who he is.

Please be assured your anonymity will be retained.

See the video of this litter lout soon and some of the other Litter Louts we have filmed here in St Peters, Highfields, Leicester. (Link to our new website)

This video will be downloadable in HD 1280 x 720 MPEG4. This is a much higher quality format that will display on most modern computer displays. Please email us and we will send you the link to this video in High Definition.

He will also soon find himself on YouTube where millions of others can see how he behaves when he thinks no one is watching.

Article Written by Albert Berer
Photography by Litter Cam: 3 and 17
Date Written July 18th 2010
Date last Modified July 18th 2010
Status: In Progress


Leicester City Council still not repaired vandalised windows after 6 months

Leicester City Council still not repaired vandalised windows after 5 months

Windows first reported broken by vandalism on the 9th March 2010 at Leicester City Council run Maxfield House in St Peters Leicester are still broken today on the 6th September 2010.

The two broken panes of glass on the internal doorway and a third on a separate partition are in the lobby area of the building which houses 85 separate homes.

Broken by vandal caught on CCTV

The vandal who broken it was in fact caught on CCTV. However, St Peters NM are told the Leicestershire Police have still not been able to trace the person involved after 6 months. We warmly invite Leicestershire Police to share the photo with us so that we can publish it on our website and social networks in order to identify him.

We wonder why Blackbird Road CCTV control room didn't spot it as it was being vandalised and call the police.

Sets the scene for further vandalism

It looks really bad and sets the scene for further vandalism. Additionally, Leicester City Council does not seem to understand that it is simply unacceptable that glass that forms part of the entrance and lobby partitioning should remain broken and in disrepair for so long.

For the residents who live in Maxfield House it really does make people wish they could live elsewhere, where their visitors, family and guests didn’t see such poor upkeep of the building in which they have their homes.

Leicester City Council takes a lot of money in rent payments from 85 homes in each apartment building. Why is it that the glass has remained like this for so long especially as residents sent repeated reminders to the local Housing office about the condition of the building?

"They are queuing to get in..."

Only last week Ella the Housing Manager was telling St Peters NM that there is a waiting list to live here. Surely with such poor maintenance standards and performance Leicester City Council is doing its hardest to ensure that there is also a waiting list to get out of this neighbourhood.

Are there issues in your building or home here in St Peters, Highfields, Leicester that has remained unresolved for too long?

Please tell us also what you like about St Peters and what improvements you have seen?

Please let St Peters NM know.

Out & About in St Peters & Highfields, Leicester

Out & About in St Peters Highfields, LeicesterIn this new series of fascinating photography showing people ‘Out & About’ in St Peters & Highfields in Leicester we see through our fly on the wall look at daily activities & interactions of some of those who live here along with those who visit this neighbourhood.

Read our blog post about the recent issue of motorblikes racing around the walkways of this neighbourhood,

St Peters NM Team members will add to our ‘Out & About’ Gallery on a regular basis so be sure to bookmark this site and check back frequently.

Why not send the link to all your friends and share across all your social networks too.


Highfields Resident joins epic charity bike ride for motor neurone disease association

Click here to read more... (coming 20th July 2010 22:00)

We are very pleased to be able to say that you will see many new and exciting developments here. You know we have always brought you the very best in terms of quality in presentation as well as interesting and often hard hitting articles and news of neighbourhood issues.

What's new on your new website here?

Well we have reduced the columns from 3 to 2 including this large area here which will give us more room and space and enable us to avoid cluttered content.

Additionally, the website is more search engine friendly which means the pages and articles will appear more readily for you on google when you search for articles or information on local issues or resources.

With larger 21 inch and 24 inch screens now available on entry level computers we have room to give you bigger pictures, video's and graphics also.

Accessible on mobile phones and portable devices.

Our website designers and IT Consultants inform us that access to both portable information and social networks for people on the move is the next 'big thing' in information Technology and that most information on this website and links to it will be consumed by people out and about and on the move.

This website has been built, is designed and optimised with that in mind.

Our new tree initiative for St Peters


Earlier this year St Peters NM became aware that no request had gone into the council on behalf of the neighbourhood for any of the new trees that were to be planted in the city as part of the citywide 10,000 tree program by Leicester City Council.

St Peters NM's Initiative

True to form St Peters NM took the initiative and began to ask questions and get people together on the subject and accordingly a patch walk took place on the 22nd April 2009 around the neighbourhood of St Peters with Kamina Rughani the Neighbourhood Housing Manager in St Peters, Brian Stafford, the Project & Development Officer at Leicester City Council, PC Tom Walkinshaw of Spinney Hill Local Policing Unit and ourselves.

A lot of thought went in to selecting trees, locations for new trees as well as of court the type of tree. PC Tom Walkinshaw provided sound advice on what extent of cover was desirable or not along certain walkways using his long term knowledge of crime incidents and potential in the neighbourhood.

Variety in Colour and Texture

We used our knowledge as residents as to what trees we already had throughout the neighbourhood and made our recommendations so as to introduce much needed variety of colour and texture in the neighbourhood. For example it was recognised by us that cherry trees although stunning to look at were predominant already throughout the neighbourhood in both pink and white.

We therefore requested Laburnham, Rowen, as well as some more interesting varieties such as Box Trees and Tulip trees.

Update: Planting has now began in November 2009

Planting began in November 2009 with the introduction of several cherry trees along the walkway between Pluto Close adjacent Framland House and Galaxy walk. The variety planted was prunus serrulata taihaku which Wikipedia tells us grows to 10 metres and spreads vigorously. see




Leicester City Council are fly tippers...

As residents we must say that we have tried our hardest to get Leicester City Council Repairs and Voids departments to stop leaving their rubbish and waste, often dangerously, at the entrances of the multi-occupancy building throughout this neighbourhood.

The rubbish is often left there for days at a time.

Not only does this set an example for residents who then feel they too can blight us with fly tipped waste but it is also often a safety hazard.

Additionally, it is also a signal crime as it leads people to feel that the neighbourhood is uncared for and that sets the scene for them to behave accordingly.

ST Peters NM repeats our warning to Leicester City Council that should we film any council operative or sub contractor leaving rubbish in such a way that it can fairly be considered to be fly tipped, we will without fail publish the video here on our website and on YouTube under the heading of "Council Fly Tippers".

The video's will stay online and will not be removed.


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